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File TTSUpdate41703.exeMon, 2015/11/16 - 11:291.16 GB

•Video player 2.0 sync issue fixed
•Relative heart rate training added
•Relative power training added
•Cooldown mode added
•Altitude data added to exports, except for Tacx Films
•You will now be reminded when your licenses are about to expire
•You can now restrict a multiplayer race based on bike type
•Chatbox during multiplayer redesigned
•When possible, FE-C devices will now show the manufacturer's icon
•“Catalysts” and “Scores” have been renamed to “Workouts” and “Activities”
•Virtual braking and virtual speed indications changed to icons
•Drafting will now work with the Genius
•Improved Bushido calibration
•Unplugging an ANT-stick during scan mode will not crash TTs4 anymore
•Importing Strava trainings shows correct data
•Fixed crash when importing from Strava
•Export to Trainingpeaks will show correct data
•Analyser indication is now shown properly on the graph
•Multisession BikeNet uploads now work correctly
•Pop-up windows will be centered on the main TTs4 window
•Bike type will now be shown in the Multiplayer finish mail (XML)
•When you create a VR Multiplayer lobby the correct icon for Triathlon/Track bike and MTB will be shown
•Facebook posts after a race are fixed
•Cancel button added to the “Download user” screen
•Fixed preview tabs in training selection views
•Training preview tabs have been renamed to Graph